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A Familiar Yet Unique Dessert You Probably Never Had Before...

Canada’s First BongBong Eggettes!

If you’re into Hong Kong style bubble waffles or any other Asian desserts, visit any of our locations to try some BongBong Eggettes - available since October 22!

These Eggettes are like your favourite bubble waffles and, at Honeymoon Desserts, there are various fillings for you to choose from:


Sweetheart Corn

Warmth Ube

Creamy Salted Egg Yolk

Irresistible Durian

We actually find not only durian, but every flavour irresistible......

Easy and Fun to Eat, Share and Post:

While all eggette bubbles contain juicy fillings, they won’t get your hands wet or sticky because each flavour is served on a skewer stick!

They’re therefore neat and fun to consume and share with family and friends. Better still, the smaller portion on each single skewer allows you to order and enjoy a bit of every flavour at once!

Pairing with Other Honeymoon Treats...

If you’re a fan of a particular favour, say ube, you can pair Warmth Ube Eggette with Ube Almond Latte from our new Winterlicious menu to get even more satisfaction! Mind you, this purple combination is only one example from our new menu that’s perfect for the cold winter season coming ahead.

Don’t wait until it gets really cold - be one of the first to enjoy and post Canada’s first BongBong eggettes at any Honeymoon Dessert locations in Canada.

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