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🇲🇾 Phoenix Tail Shrimp (6pc)

Mouthwatering Delight

This popular snack from the Malaysian cuisine features succulent shrimp coated in a crispy, golden-brown batter, creating a perfect harmony of textures.

Each shrimp is generously seasoned with aromatic spices! Served with a side of zesty dipping sauce, this shrimp snack offers a tantalizing experience that satisfies both seafood lovers and spice enthusiasts.

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Asia Tour: All-day Snack - 🇲🇾 Phoenix Tail Shrimp (6pc)

🇲🇾 炸鳳尾蝦 6隻



每隻鳳尾蝦都用香料充分調味! 這款炸蝦小吃配上蘸醬,提供誘人的體驗,滿足海鮮和香料愛好者的需求!

加拿大滿記甜品 - 亞洲滋旅: 小食停不了 - 🇲🇾 炸鳳尾蝦 6隻
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