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🇲🇾 Phoenix Tail Shrimp (4pc) with fries

Double Asian Street Food Enjoyment

Phoenix Shrimp, succulent and briny, bursts forth with a tender juiciness, a subtle oceanic symphony. Fries, crispy and golden, offer a satisfying crunch, and an earthy dance on your palate.

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Asia Tour: All-day Snack - 🇲🇾 Phoenix Tail Shrimp (4pc) with fries

🇲🇾 炸鳳尾蝦 4隻 配薯條


炸鳳尾蝦肉質多汁鮮美,鹹鮮可口。 薯條金黃酥脆,口感酥脆,兩者同時在你的味蕾上翩翩起舞。

加拿大滿記甜品 - 亞洲滋旅: 小食停不了 - 🇲🇾 炸鳳尾蝦 4隻 配薯條
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