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Cashew Peanut Soup & Almond Tea

Good For Chilly Day

Cashews are rich in protein, vitamins, and various minerals, making them helpful for weight management and heart health. The copper in cashews can promote melanin production, preventing the occurrence of gray hair. Additionally, the rich oils in cashews can help improve the quality of hair.

Almonds are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E and dietary fibre that keep you thriving during the chilly season.

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Cashew & Peanut - Cashew Peanut Soup & Almond Tea




杏仁不僅美味,而且還富含鎂、維生素 E 和膳食纖維等必需營養素,讓你在寒冷的季節保持活力。

加拿大滿記甜品 - 腰果花生露 - 腰果花生露杏仁茶
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