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little Star Chef
Things to do with kids in Markham

Are you searching for delightful kid activities to engage and bond with your beloved kids? Look no further! Honeymoon Dessert Canada is introducing the little Star Chef series. Aimed to let children in the Greater Toronto Area experience the joy and precious time of making seasonal desserts or foods together with their parents.

Mission and Vision of little Star Chef

little Star Chef is not just about making desserts; it's about crafting memories! We aim to create a space where children can embrace the joy of culinary creativity while spending precious quality time with their parents.

What is little Star Chef?

little Star Chef is a series of interactive classes held at our Markham flagship location. These classes bring children and parents together to make different seasonal desserts and delectable delights to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas, Mid-Autumn Festival, Valentine's Day, and more!

In each little Star Chef episode, the Head Chef of Honeymoon Dessert, Raph, will be storytelling and teaching your kids how to make yummy sweet treats they can enjoy and more to take home to share with friends and family.

What is included in little Star Chef?

Unleash your kid's creativity while they enjoy storytelling and create delectable desserts with step-by-step guidance.


  • Storytelling

  • Step-by-step instructions & Ingredients provided

  • A 100% Cotton little Star Chef Apron for your beloved kid

  • A Free kid-size dessert (1 Mango pomelo sago sweet soup or 1 Ube pillow)

  • Bring home your kid's handcrafted finished desserts for his/her loved ones

Make and share. It’s all your kids’ creative time!

Our previous LSC classes have been met with excitement and joy!

【little Star Chef】EP1 - Snowy Mooncake Class

【little Star Chef】EP2 - Pumpkin Fest! Design your own little pumpkin buns

【little Star Chef】EP3 – Cake the Christmas Tree

【little Star Chef】EP4 - Mom, You're my Valentine - Mochi Trio Making Class

【little Star Chef】EP5 - Bunny Buddy - Chiffon Parfait


And more to come…! Stay Tuned!


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