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Markham Flagship Store

Large and Accessible Dining Space for Everyone


This flagship store in Markham, Ontario was opened in 2019 and is the first Honeymoon Dessert in Canada! Located in the heart of Downtown Markham, (on the Warden Avenue and Highway 7 intersection) and surrounded by many businesses, schools and organizations, it's an ideal dessert place for you, either enjoying the sweet individually or in groups!

The Markham Flagship store is a sweet place for all kinds of Markham citizens and visitors, and the best choice for you if you are:

  • Working professionals
    Who fancy our signature mango pillows - a layered pastry with fresh mango and whipped cream enveloped in fluffy and wispy crêpes, or a hot almond tea with rice balls after a meal; 

  • Sport (and badminton) enthusiasts
    Who are in the mood for a cold fresh fruit tea after a game in the Unionville Badminton Club; 

  • Families with young children
    Who just shopped at the Markham Town Square and need a little break over our wide range of desserts, from some traditional hot treats such as milk pudding to everyone-friendly cold treats served with vanilla ice that is made out of our secret recipe;

  • Dessert lovers
    Who want to check out or revisit our large variety of desserts and drinks for no special reasons.


With the extensive selection of desserts and drinks on our menu, availability of accessible entrance and family tables, it's a friendly environment for everyone to get in and spend a quality time.

Spacious, and all amenities you need to enjoy your dessert!
Individual power supply, accessible washroom… right here at our Markham Flagship store


The place is also friendly in that every table has a power supply, so you don't have to worry about your device running out of juice before your dessert time is over.

There're also washroom and accessible washroom facilities on site for you in case you need to go during your visit.


1,800 sq ft. 50 seats

The size of our Markham flagship store matters too! The spacious dining area of 1800 sq ft, 50 seats and other facilities can accommodate larger groups and make it easy for you to host your next tasting events for VIPs, team events for coworkers or birthday parties for friends!

So whether you're coming for a quick sweet treat, for a relaxing gathering with your loved ones or hosting a celebration, we will get you covered. Contact us to order your next desserts or discuss your next event!


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