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🇹🇼 Taiwan Popcorn Chicken

Crispy on the Outside, Juicy Inside

Originating in Taiwanese night markets, Popcorn Chicken has earned a special place in the hearts of foodies worldwide!

These bite-sized pieces of chicken are marinated with a secret blend of spices and seasonings, infusing each piece with an explosion of flavours! They’re then deep-fried to golden perfection, bringing this satisfying contrast of feelings to your palate.

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Asia Tour: All-day Snack - 🇹🇼 Taiwan Popcorn Chicken

🇹🇼 滋味鹽酥雞



這些一口大小的鹽酥雞用秘密的香料和調味料混合醃製,為每塊雞肉注入爆炸的味道! 然後將它們油炸至完美的金黃色,為你的味蕾帶來令人滿意的對比感受。

加拿大滿記甜品 - 亞洲滋旅: 小食停不了 - 🇹🇼 滋味鹽酥雞
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