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Cashew Peanut & Sesame Soup

Benefit the Hair and Skin

Cashews are rich in protein, vitamins, and various minerals, making them helpful for weight management and heart health. The copper in cashews can promote melanin production, preventing the occurrence of gray hair. Additionally, the rich oils in cashews can help improve the quality of hair.

Black sesame is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B1, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium, that benefit the hair, skin, and overall health,

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Cashew & Peanut - Cashew Peanut & Sesame Soup




黑芝麻是鈣、鎂、維生素 B1、銅、鋅、磷和硒的極佳來源,有益於頭髮、皮膚和整體健康。

滿記甜品 - 腰果花生露 - 腰果花生露芝麻糊
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