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Durian & Black Glutinous Rice in Vanilla Ice

Incredibly Nutritious

Durian is full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibres. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases, improves skin and hair, boosts immunity, and regulates blood sugar levels. Durian is considered a superfood due to its high and diverse nutritional content.

Black glutinous rice categorized as one of the superfoods - contains important antioxidants which help to maintain eye health, skin, and body immunity. Moreover, they are rich in food fibre to help you be full longer, suitable for you who want to lose weight!

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Durian Fever - Durian & Black Glutinous Rice in Vanilla Ice



榴槤富含營養物質、礦物質、維生素和膳食纖維。 它有助於降低癌症和心臟病的風險,改善皮膚和頭髮,增強免疫力,並調節血糖水平。 榴蓮因其豐富多樣的營養成分而被認為是超級食物。

黑糯米被歸類為超級食物之一,含有重要的抗氧化劑,有助於維持眼睛健康、皮膚和身體免疫力。 而且,它們含有豐富的食物纖維,可以幫助你更長久地飽腹,適合想要減肥的你!

加拿大滿記甜品 - 榴槤系列 - 榴槤忘返
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