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Strawberry Sago Duo Latte

BIG & small Sago in a Pink Latte

Experience the unique blend of textures in our Strawberry Sago Duo Latte.

This rare treat combines plump, small sago pearls with the chewy feel of larger ones, all nestled in rich Canadian farm-fresh milk and topped with a scoop of Kawartha's premium strawberry ice cream - a delightful surprise in every sip!

Honeymoon Dessert Canada - Strawberry Sensation - Strawberry Sago Duo Latte



莓莓雙西米拿鐵結合了耐嚼的大小西米以及加拿大農場新鮮牛奶,配上優質的Kawartha 草莓雪糕-每一口都有令人愉快的驚喜!

加拿大滿記甜品 - 小莓有好感 - 莓莓雙西米拿鐵
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