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Get A Honeymoon Dessert Canada Lifetime VIP Card in August 2022

It never happened!

But it happens in this August 2022!

Many of you have asked, "How can I get a VIP card?", "Can I buy one?". You might get disappointing answers for those questions, as the Honeymoon Dessert VIP card is not for sale, and is really hard to get one. But the good news is here!

In this August, from August 1 to 31, you can get a lifetime VIP card with a single order of $40 (before tax) at the following participating stores:

The VIP cards have two designs:

Both of the designs carry the same cardholder benefits.

The lifetime VIP card has the following benefits:

  • Enjoy 10% of any purchase at any Honeymoon Dessert Canada store

  • Be invited to join VIP events

  • Be invited to special tasting events, and tryout new products

  • Be the first to join the loyalty program that will be launched soon

  • It's a free and lifetime membership!

Set your schedule and plan your visit!

There are only 300 VIP cards giving away!

(In-store / Take-away only, not applicable to delivery)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Get a lifetime VIP in August (the "campaign") is from August 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, from the opening time to the closing time of the participating stores (the "campaign period").

  2. Each single order of Forty Canadian Dollar ($40) or above, before HST, and after any discount applied, on any items will be eligible for one VIP card. Only one (1) VIP will be given out per order.

  3. The campaign is eligible for in-store dining or take-away only, not applicable to any order placed with delivery or pick-up apps or platform.

  4. There are 300 VIP cards in total for the campaign. Each of the participating store will carry 100 VIP cards. While stock last.

  5. The design of the VIP cannot be chosen, it is only available at the respective stores listed in the campaign.

  6. The VIP card has no cash value, not redeemable as cash. VIP cardholders abide to the terms listed on the VIP card. Lost VIP card will not be replaced.

  7. Benefits of VIP cardholders will change from time to time. Benefits offered are not guaranteed.

  8. Honeymoon Dessert Canada reserves all the rights in amending the campaign, campaign period, the benefits of VIP cards, and the validity of a VIP card.

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