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Honeymoon Dessert SkyCity Store Grand Opening Celebration - June 25-26, 2022

On June 25 & 26, 2022, come to Honeymoon Dessert SkyCity for the Grand Opening Celebration.

Play games together (no purchase needed), grab free foods, desserts and drinks, selfie to win more, and take photos with Toronto HK Taxi.

Honeymoon Dessert SkyCity Store Grand Opening and Super Honeymoon Dessert Party Terms and Conditions

  1. All offers are for the Honeymoon Dessert SkyCity Store (the “SC Store”) ONLY.

  2. Free food and Super Honeymoon Dessert Party Dice Game (”Dice Game”) are on first-come-first-serve basis, and until the announced limited only. No rain checks or deferral will be offered.

  3. First 50 visitors can receive either a free Milk Custard with Osmanthus & Sweet Fermented Glutinous Rice (item A - 25 per day) or a Mango Snow Bliss (item B - 25 per day). Each visitor can get one free food only, and while stock last.

  4. Each visitor is eligible to play the Dice Game once, coupons give out as prize of the Game can be used from the date printed on the coupons, and are subjected to terms and conditions and expiry date printed on the coupons.

  5. Everyone can participate in the Instagram Posting Game (the "IPG"). Participant has to be a follower of Honeymoon Dessert Canada ("HMDC")'s official Instagram account (@honeymoondessertca). Participant has to take a picture with the physical Instagram frame, post it on Instagram, and #HoneymoonDessertSkyCity, the post with the most like will be the winner. Counts of likes will be conducted at 11pm on 26 June 2022. Winner will be announced on HMDC's official Instagram account on 27 June 2022, and winner will be notified via Instagram Message. HMDC has the sole discretion on selecting the winner.

  6. The pictures on this printed material are for reference only.

  7. The grand prize - 1-month Drink Pass can only be used at the SC Store only, and subject to terms and conditions listed on the drink pass.

  8. The grand prize - VIP card can be used at all Honeymoon Dessert Canada (HMDC) stores.

  9. HMDC reserves all the rights in amending the Terms and conditions and eligibility of the Free food, the Dice Game, and any prize without prior notice.

The Instagram brand, logo and trademarks are property of Meta.

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