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Introducing【little Star Chef】

EP1 - Snowy Mooncake Class

Join our 1.5hr class of fun with your kid! They will be making snowy mooncakes, have a free dessert and story time about mid-autumn festival

When it's September, beside Humpty Dumpty will be having a great "fall", the mid-autumn festival is almost here. Rather than buying a box of mooncakes to share, why not make some with your kid(s) together?

Story Time, Chef Time

Episode 1 - Snowy Mooncakes, in celebration of the Mid-autumn festival. In this 1.5hr time, the Head Chef of Honeymoon Dessert will be story-telling and teaching your kids how to make yummy festive treats which they can enjoy there and more to take home to share with friends and family.

And last but not least, there is a FREE 【little Star Chef】apron for each kid, AND a FREE dessert for the parent and kid to share, isn't it wonderful?

What Is Included?

  • Mid-autumn festival story telling

  • Step-by-step snowy mooncakes making

  • Ingredients to make 8 Snowy mooncakes

  • A lovely box for you to take away the mooncakes as a gift to your family

  • A 100% Cotton【little Star Chef】Apron for your beloved kid

  • A Free kid-size dessert (1 Mango Pillow or 1 Ube Pillow for this EP1 Class)

Who Can Join This Snowy Mooncake Class?

  • Age 4 or above, accompanied by 1 parent or guardian

  • Each parent can accompany a maximum of 2 children

  • Allergy information: The mooncake ingredients contain egg, milk and tree nuts (Hazelnut), and may contain wheat and gluten. Honeymoon Dessert process peanuts and walnuts in the same kitchen. If you wish to attend the class and your children has allergy, please let us know when you fill in the form.

When, Where, & Cost?

Dates: August 27 (SAT), August 28 (SUN), September 3 (SAT), & September 4 (SUN)

Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Maximum kids per class: 8

Class Fee: CA$34.99 +HST

Enrol Now at:

Official Marketing Partner & Ticket Sales: LRDG


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