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little Star Chef EP 3

【little Star Chef】- EP3 - Cake the Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time, Christmas is a time, Christmas is a time to love~~~

Isn't it even better and warmer if the love is presented on a cake to share?

Make and decorate. It’s all your kids’ creative time!

Bringing home a festive Christmas Tree Cake that you made with your kid is absolutely the best way to present love and surprise every family member.

If you're going to grandparents' place that night, or a family party, the kid-made Christmas Tree Cake is for sure more attractive and eye-catching than the actual Christmas Tree.

Moreover, after you have mastered the skills, you can make one for every party and gathering!

Story Time, Chef Time

Honeymoon Dessert Canada's 【little Star Chef】 class series are aimed to let children in the Greater Toronto Area experience the joy and precious time of making seasonal desserts or foods together with their parents.

Episode 3 - Cake the Christmas Tree

In this 2hr time, the Head Chef of Honeymoon Dessert will be storytelling and teaching your kids how to make yummy festive treats they can enjoy and more to take home to share with friends and family.

And last but not least, there is a FREE 【little Star Chef】 Apron for each kid AND a FREE dessert for the parent and kid to share, isn't it wonderful?

What Is Included?

  • Christmas storytelling

  • Step-by-step cream making decorating the cake

  • A 6-inch Christmas Tree Cake

  • A 100% Cotton 【little Star Chef】 Apron for your beloved kid

  • A Free kid-size dessert (1 Mango pomelo sago sweet soup or 1 Ube pillow)

  • Bring home the recipe and make some more Christmas Tree Cakes at home!

Who Can Join This Christmas Tree Cake Class?

  • Suggested age 8 or above, accompanied by 1 parent or guardian

  • Each parent can accompany a maximum of 2 children

Allergy information: The Christmas Tree Cake and the decorating ingredients contain egg, milk, wheat and gluten. Honeymoon Dessert process peanuts and walnuts in the same kitchen. If you wish to attend the class and your children have an allergy, please let us know when you fill in the form.

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