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Mt. i-Snow is here! Try it now! Time limited! Your unique shaved ice.

Sing it out:

I don't care! What they're going to say!

I will eat them all~~~~~~

Cold never bothered me anyway.

Mt. i-Snow is here. For a limited time only.

2 types of ice combinations.

9 toppings to choose.

3 sauces at your choice.

Althogether 504 unique combinations!

(168 unique combinations if you don't like sauces)

This Will Be Your Most Memorable Summer, with Mt. i-Snow

Every order comes with a complimentary Japanese Mochi ball.

  1. Choose Your Ice:

  2. Luscious: Honeymoon Signature Vanilla Snow Mountain Shaved ice

  3. Refreshing: Honeymoon Signature Vanilla Snow Mountain Shaved ice with Japanese style shaved ice base

  4. Choose Your Toppings:

  5. Japanese Red Bean

  6. Mango

  7. Peach Resin

  8. Kiwi Fruit

  9. Watermelon

  10. Sea Coconut

  11. Strawberry

  12. Crystal Boba

  13. Red Dragon Fruit

  14. Choose Your Sauce:

  15. Fresh Mango Sauce

  16. Japanese Black Sugar Sauce

  17. Strawberry Sauce

You'd never get tired of them, it's so refreshing and lots of fun.

Try it now at any Honeymoon Dessert locations in Canada.

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