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Nutritious and Delicious Winter Drinks - Available Now!

Winter is approaching. Are you ready for it?

We’re so ready to keep you warm and healthy with our new Winterlicious hot drinks, each of which has its distinct flavour, colour and health benefits!

Pear with Chuen-Pui Tea

Chuen-Pui and Chinese snow pear are both known for their respiratory health benefits to calm coughs, moisten the lung and eliminate phlegm in fall and winter seasons.

With an actual pear inside the glass, the tea’s flavour is rounded out by this delicious fruit and brings an unforgettable experience!

Black Sugar Ginger

Red Dates Tea

This drink offers you a combination of slightly spicy, citrusy and sweet flavours from two kinds of super foods.

Ginger is a root vegetable that has been used for thousands of years to treat colds by warming up our body. It also helps enhance the flavour in dishes, desserts and teas, like our Black Sugar Ginger Red Dates Tea!

Many Asian people value red dates as a tonic food that enhances blood circulation. Its natural sweet note, along with the black sugar, tones down the piquant taste of ginger, making the tea warming but not burning your tongue.

Ube Almond Latte

This is a creamy and hearty beverage that contains many anti-aging nutrients. Ube, a root vegetable, is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and anthocyanins - a powerful antioxidant and the source of its vibrant purple colour.

Almonds add a bit more vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium and a nutty flavour to your latte.

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